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Blue Mountain Beach Carts LLC

Santa Rosa Beach fl 32459


Cart Size

Name of driver(s), drivers licenses number( include state issued),and auto insurance policy number of anyone who plans on driving the cart must be 26 years of age to rent and 21 to drive.




The valid and collectible liability insurance and personal injury protection insurance of any authorized rental or leasing driver is primary for the limits of liability and personal injury protection coverage required by sections 324.021(7) and 627.736, Florida Statues


Failure to return rented property or equipment upon expiration of the rental period and failure to pay all amounts due(including costs for damage to the property or equipment) are prima facie evidence of intent to defraud, punishable in accordance with section 812.155, Florida Statues


The Renter(s) attest that he/she is of at least 21 years of age and that he/she possesses a valid driver’s license and insurance as required by law. The operator(s)/renter(s) represents and warrants that he/she is insured under a policy of insurance which would provide coverage or injuries to the operator/renter and medical bills incurred as well as for damage to the person and property of others should an accident occur during the operation or use of the rented vehicle. The operator(s)/renter(s) attest that no other person shall drive the rental vehicle mentioned herein during the terms of this rental agreement or while rental vehicle is in possession of renter except for the authorized drivers.


Notice: Rental and leasing drivers insurance to be primary. The valid and collective liability insurance and personal injury protection insurance of any authorized rental or leasing driver is primary to the limits of liability and personal injury coverage required by SS.324.021(7) and 627.736, Florida Statutes. -You are hereby notified that by signing this contract below, you agree that your own liability, personal injury protection and comp/collision will provide primary insurance coverage up to its full policy limits. -The renter agrees to return the rental property, or have ready for return, at the initial delivery address immediately upon completion of the rental period in condition equal to that in which it was received with normal wear and tear accepted. The renter agrees that if he or she has not returned said vehicle within 1 hour of the agreed upon time and at the above mentioned and agreed upon address, or is the vehicle is abandoned, he or she will bear all expenses incurred by Blue Mountain Beach Carts LLC in attempting to locate and recover said vehicle, and hereby waves all recourse against authority responsible for renter’s arrest or prosecution, even though the renter may consider such arrest or prosecution to be false, malicious or unjust. -In the event that the rental property becomes unsafe or in a state of disrepair, the Renter agrees to immediately discontinue use of property, and promptly notify Blue Mountain Beach Carts LLC. The renter understands that in the event the property shall become inoperable through no fault of the renter, Blue Mountain Beach Carts LLC will take reasonable steps to have the vehicle repaired or replaced. In the event a replacement is not available, the Rentor at his discretion may modify the rental agreement to reflect an adjustment of price on a prorated basis. -The renter(s)/operator(s) understand that a Low Speed Vehicle is a motorized vehicle that is only permitted on roads of 35 mph or less and ALL TRAFFIC LAWS MUST BE OBEYED. The renter(s)/operator(s) represent and warrant that he/she is familiar with the traffic rules, laws and regulations of the municipality wherein the rented vehicle is to be operated and will at all times comply strictly with the same. No driver under the age of 21 years old is allowed to drive.



-Renter acknowledges receipt of the herein described personal property. Both parties agree that the property was inspected by the renter at the time of delivery and accepted by the renter, and that the property was in good and serviceable condition. -Renter agrees to pay for loss or damage of rental property as well as all associated parts, attachments, keys and flat/damaged tires. Any tampering, altering, or replacing any parts, accessories or any components of the rental property is not allowed. If rental property is found to have been tampered with or altered, renter agrees to pay for all damages, and any cost to restore rented property, including loss of use. Renter’s credit card or purchase order will be charged for any and all damages, theft, or loss of the rental property on a “cash on demand” basis up to the value of the rental property. Rental fees shall continue to accrue until such time as the lost rental property is paid in full. -Renter agrees that if an unauthorized driver or underage driver operates this vehicle or if the vehicles is misused which causes damage or injury to the vehicle, renters, or any parties involved that all vehicles listed on this contract will be picked up and no money paid for the rental of this vehicle will be refunded.


-Renter accepts rental property in its current state and current state of charge and is responsible for maintaining proper charging of vehicle and agrees to return the rented property fully charged. If vehicle is returned without full charge, a one day rental fee($125) will be charged to the renter’s credit card.


-Title to the rented property is, and at all times shall remain in the name of the Rentor. The parties agree that the Lessee is not and does not hereby become an agent, servant, or employee of the Rentor in any manner whatsoever. The Renter acknowledges said vehicle is the rightful property of the Rentor, although registered title may be in a third party name. The parties agree that the Rentor is neither the manufacturer of said property, not the agent of the manufacturer and that no warranty is given against evident or hidden defects in material, workmanship or capacity. Rentor shall not be liable to Renter for any loss, delay or damage of any kind resulting from defects or inefficiencies of the rented property or in the event of an accidental breakage. -Renter shall give the Rentor immediate notice of any levy attempted upon the rental property, or if the property for any cause becomes liable to seizure and indemnify the Rentor against all losses and damages caused by such action, including Rentor’s reasonable attorney fees and expenses. -Renter agrees to indemnify and hold the Rentor harmless against any and all losses, damages, expenses and penalties arising from any action causing injury to person(s) or property during operation, handling or transportation of the rented property during the rental period, or wile the property is in the possession and/or control of the Renter. Renter waves and releases Rentor from all claims from injuries or damages to the Renter or property caused by the use of rental property by the Renter. The operator/renter assumes all risk of loss arising from the negligent use or operation of the rented vehicle. - Should collection or litigation become necessary to collect against any damage and/or loss, Renter agrees to pay all fees including attorney fees and court costs. Any claim or controversy under this agreement shall be settled in accordance w/ the State of Florida and local laws of Okaloosa-Walton Counties and a judgment for a claim may be entered in any court having jurisdiction of the location where both parties executed the rental agreement. The parties agree that Walton County, FL shall be the local for any arbitration of court settlement. -The renter(s)/operator(s) warrants and represents that he/she will always exercise extreme caution while operating the rented vehicle, especially during periods of inclement weather, crowded roadways or situation involving special hazards and will exercise the highest standard of due care and diligences. The renter(s)/operator(s) will not drink any alcoholic beverages or engage in illegal activities or substances while in charge of or operating the rented vehicle. -The renter(s)/operator(s) understands that severe injuries may occur while operating the leased vehicle and clearly understands that if an accident were to occur, injuries to the Renter(s)/operator(s) as well as fellow passengers will certainly occur. For the safety of all, seat belts must be worn. If the renter(s)/operator(s) is observed operating the rented vehicle carelessly, recklessly, dangerously or in a manner likely to cause injury or damage to him or herself or any other persons or property or on any unpaved roadways, the renter(s) will forfeit any deposit made on the rented vehicle and will assume any fines or penalties as of a result thereof. -Should any paragraph or provision violate the law and is unenforceable, the rest of the agreement will remain valid. I, the Renter agree to adhere to the warnings, terms and conditions of this rental agreement and the fee’s and/or charges that may result in violations thereof.


You are responsible for all injury, damage and loss you cause to others. You agree to provide liability, collision and comprehensive insurance covering you, us, and the Vehicle. Where state law requires us to provide auto liability insurance, or if you have no auto liability insurance, we provide auto liability insurance (the “Policy”) that is secondary to all other valid and collectible insurance whether primary, secondary, excess or contingent. The Policy provides bodily injury and property damage liability coverage with limits no higher than minimum levels prescribed by the vehicular financial responsibility laws of the State whose laws apply to the loss. You and we reject PIP, medical payments, no-fault and uninsured and under-insured motorist coverage, where permitted by law. The Policy is void if you breach this Agreement or if you fail to cooperate in a loss investigation conducted by us or our insurer.


Giving the Vehicle to an unauthorized driver terminates coverage under the Policy.


Any damages will be charged to this card. Please inspect the cart and point out any pervious damages. All renters who receive a parking ticket(law enforcement written only) and do not pay the ticket will result in a $300.00 charge plus the cost of the ticket from Blue Mountain Beach Carts LLC.


We must have a valid credit card on file to rent a cart. Entering any incorrect credit information will cancel your reservation. Please use a credit card that will be valid on the dates of your rental. Signing this contract gives Blue Mountain Beach Carts LLC authorization to charge the credit card listed below for any charges or expenses in relation to this contract to this agreement.

Once this paperwork is filled out there is a $50 non refundable paperwork fee if the rental is canceled at anytime. This $50 fee will go towards the balance of the final total once the rental is complete. Failure to cancel a rental 72 hours in advance of the rental start date will result in additional $125 dollar cancellation fee. A 72 hour notice of cancellation will result in no cancellation fee but only the $50 paperwork fee.


Comments or concerns

Please let us know how we are doing? Please email us at and in the subject line put OWNER.


Thank you so much for your business. Please take the time to read our guidelines and sign to accept.


Any time damage has occurred to the rented cart, any other parties vehicles, or any other parties property then Blue Mountain Beach Carts LLC must be contacted ASAP and a police report must be obtained. Any injury to a renter(s) or other party must be reported to Blue Mountain Beach Carts LLC ASAP.


Most cart damage comes from underage drivers and driver under the influence. If you plan on allowing either of these understand we will charge your card for all the damage, labor and missed rentals payments.

Guidelines and Rules



Its is your responsibility to find out that the carts are allowed at the rental location


  • Obey all traffic laws of the road. Google LSV laws in Florida

  • Seatbelts must be worn at all times. Infants must ride in a car seat and young children must have a booster. We do not provide them. Absolutely no lap sitting or riding.

  • Cart must only be driven on road of 35 mph or less.

  • Store the cart in a safe area, always take the key with you.

  • Keep the cart plugged in when not in use. (electric only)

  • Always return the cart fully charged and cleaned out.

  • No off-road or reckless driving. Avoid unpaved and upgraded roads.

  • No driving on sidewalks.

  • No driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • Always park the cart in proper parking.

  • No under age drivers at anytime or anywhere.

  • Please do not store items on top of the cart. ( no paddle board, Kayak etc). Before use of the cart please inspect it for any pervious damages. All damages must be reported before use of the cart to avoid damage charges on your credit card.

  • Any damages done by the renter must be reported with a traffic report ASAP!!!!!!!

  • Please call or text us for your keys.

  • Never drive the cart with the hand brake engaged.

  • Always charge the Golf Cart overnight and ensure you have power to the Golf Cart

I have read and agree to all guidelines put in place in the above statement



  • Returned uncharged cart $150.00

  • Damaged or curbed wheels $175.00 per wheel.

  • Lost key service call $125 or $75 if you come get a spare.

  • Unpaid parking tickets $300.00 plus the ticket.

  • Labor on damaged carts $155.00 per hour plus parts.

  • Tow fee due to running the cart out of charge $175.00 (no afterhours call a tow company).

  • Scratched roof $300.00 minimum charge

  • Service call $150.00.

  • Extra dirty cart $150.00

  • Extension cords not return $125.00

  • Underage driver will result in loss of rental and money paid for the rental, along with a tow fee and labor fee to recover the cart.

Due to a lot of carts being damaged from driving to fast on upgraded dirt roads please drive responsibly. If you are staying on an unpaved roads please drive less than 5 mph and avoid all potholes, mud puddles and rough areas.

Initialing this means that if the renter does not avoid the roads listed above and turns in a damaged or excessively dirty cart due to avoidable travel of these roads. Then it will result in extra fees. Such has alignment repairs, damaged suspension parts or cleaning fees. Alignment fees $175.00 per cart and wash fee $150.00 per cart. If you are staying on one of unpaved road or drive on them, please wash your cart off and drive slow down them. Blue Mountain Beach Carts LLC.





If the cart is at the property when you arrive 1st check it for damage. Top to bottom the whole cart. Drive it and test the drivability. Report all damage even minor to us via text with a picture or any driving issues. (850)280-4147.


We check the carts before they go out and when they come in. 99% of renter’s claim the cart wasn’t in their possession when it was damaged. Unfortunately we cannot go off the honor system anymore. If we find damage after your rental will notify you with pictures and the amount to fix it. Claiming the cart was not damaged in your possession will not work at that point because it is your responsibility to report prior damage.

Next the if the cart is there the key will located on the inside of the front drivers side wheel. This is also where you will leave it upon your departure.


CHARGING. Most of our calls after the renter has received the cart are charging and runtime related. Here are some tips. Electric carts are meant for short trips not all day main transportation. When the cart is fully charged you will get 20 to 30 miles until it goes dead. Most battery meters do no give the correct reading. (charge it all the time) The cart needs to be plugged in whenever it is not in use. No exceptions. Make sure the 110 or house outlet has power. Cart chargers pull a lot of amperage so tripping a house breaker is common. You will need to try another outlet on a different circuit. Usually try opposite side of the house and sometimes an interior one. Most of our charging cords will light up to show that the 110 has power. Once plugged in locate the charger indicator light to make sure it is on. Revo model left side of steering wheel. Flashes red mean less than 80% charged yellow over 80% green mean charged fully. Alpha, classic, base model the indicator light is near the charger cord plug in. Green means it is charging. Slow blinker under 50% charged fast blink over 50% solid green completely charged.


We do not come out past 5 p.m. to pick up carts that are out of charge. You have 2 choices park it somewhere safe and wait until the next day or call a flatbed truck to have it towed home. Never push or pull or have it towed without a flatbed. This will result in internal motor damage and a $2000.00 replacement cost.


On Revo luxury models please do not mess with the speaker bass and treble settings.


On alpha models you must start out with the forward reverse button in the center position before turning on the key. Lights are on the steering wheel column.



Put the key in the drivers side wheel. Leave the cart of charge. Wash it off if it is dirty. Put it on charge. Check for damage you or your party may have caused. Text (850)280-4147 to let us know you are done. Seems like a lot of rules but we want to ensure our customers are safe and our fleet stays the best in the area.



Click here to download a copy for your own records

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